Sane Advice for an Insane World - Part 2

Economy - Part 2
Read - 1 Timothy 6:10; Matthew 6:24

Is the "American Dream" really a dream or more like a nightmare? Is the "American Dream" biblical? If it's not, then why are so many Christians chasing it rather than pursing what their Heavenly Father has for them?

As a pastor and a follower of Christ. Let me stop and clarify my reason for calling myself a follower of Christ. I now define myself in this manner because I'm not comfortable being lumped in with all that is so-called Christian's today. Now lets resume the first sentence of this paragraph, and as someone who has had the privilege to minister to others outside the borders of this country I find that the "American Dream" is a nightmare that has been sold to us by the enemy of our souls as a dream. I believe it's some of his best work. It closely resembles his best work some 6,000 years ago in the Garden of Eden.

American Christianity, because of its great wealth, has all but eliminated the Jehovah-jireh found in the Lord's Prayer. AC, short for American Christianity, is trusting in its money and not the God in whom its money says it trust. How have we fallen so far? I think our Eskimo friends can best answer that question for us. Eskimo's are cunning hunters. They take the blood of an animal and coast the end of a spear with it until it is unrecognizable to its prey. Next they plant this spear in the ground and wait for its prey to take the bait. The prey believes this to be food and as it licks the blood their tongue is lacerated many times and begins to bleed profusely. The Eskimo's then tracks this animal by its blood trail and eventually find this animal dead from loss of blood. This is skillful hunting.

I believe this story best represents what the god of this world, Satan, has done to AC. He has uncovered the great weakness of us all, money. Jesus knew this was a weakness and so did the writers of the New Testament. Jesus sent out sharp warnings to the rich. If you don't think your rich see part one of this blog. Paul told young Timothy to warn those who are rich not to put there trust in money but in God.

Let me say that money is not evil. However, the love of money is evil, see 1 Timothy 6:10. How does a person know that he loves money? Bank ledger. What and how are you spending your money? This will tell us to the degree to which we love money or God. Remember you cannot serve both God and money, Matthew 6:24. Does the discussion of money and its responsibility bother you? If it does it could be that you love money. Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount teaches us two things concerning money. He teaches us our responsibility and then the difficulty of salvation for those who are rich. I will devote the next two blogs to these two subjects.