At Your Word - Saying Yes in a No World

Scripture calls Christians to say yes in a no world.  Scripture calls Christians to a lifestyle that makes no worldly sense and one that can be best labeled audacious.  There are many audacious stories in Scripture but one in particular has captured my attention in recent days. This story is recorded by Luke takes place in chapter five verse one.

Luke's story begins with Christ disciples cleaning and mending their nets after a night of fishing failure. Christ,upon His arrival, tells them to load their boat, push out into deep water, and fish.  Keep in mind these were professional fisherman and he was but a carpenter.  His request further demonstrates an apparent lack of knowledge by asking them to fish at the wrong time, mid-day, and the wrong place, the deep.  However, Peter, their leader, responded by saying; "nevertheless at your word."

Why would Peter obey such foolishness?  How can Jesus ask Peter do something that no self-respecting professional fisherman would do?   Did Peter obey blindly or boldly?  His faith was bold and just as audacious as Christ request.  He had determined to be a fool for Christ.  Long before Paul penned 1st Corinthians 1:27 Peter already believed that Christ used "the foolish things of this world to confound the wise."

Scripture calls us to actions that seem foolish.  They are wrong place and always wrong time.  Teachings on areas such as marriage, parenting, time, talent, and treasure are but a few that seem to fall into this category. I have recently spent time writing and preaching on these subjects.  Calling Christians to Scriptural obedience in these areas by saying; "at your word."  You can listen to audio sermons, read sermon transcripts, and see various lists of recommended resources by clicking on the given link.