Louisiana, Car Keys, and Isaiah 55:8-9

This blog was first written on August 6, 2012.

I spent this past Thursday driving through the great state of Louisiana on my way to the 2012 Raw Nationals Powerlifting meet in Kileen, TX. As I was driving through Louisiana I wasn't thinking about Duck Dynasty, located in Munroe, Louisiana, or any of the many other famous Louisiana based reality TV shows.  I was thinking about the Baker's, a set of lost car keys, and Isaiah 55:8-9. 

John and Patti Baker are Louisiana transplants and members of the congregation that I pastor.   Patti, over a year ago, lost her car keys at church. Patti, John, and many others looked intently for her keys going as far as digging through our dumpster with no avail.  Two weeks ago our church secretary, Candi Simmons, while working in her office stumbled upon, you guessed it, Patti's lost keys.

So what does Louisiana, a set of lost car keys, and Isaiah 55:8-9 have in common?  Everything!  Everyone, even the most intelligent person,  has lost or misplaced there keys.  Everyone has gone into a room and not remembered what they entered to accomplish.  And it is this same group of people, namely everyone, that lecture God and call Him before their finite counsel for an explanation of his actions or lack thereof.  Ponder for a moment this degree of arrogance. We, in our intellect and reasoning, attempt to bring God under our authority and submission.  Who do we think we are and what do we think of God?  It is time that we, Christ followers, remind  ourselves of Isaiah 55:8-9 and begin to really believe that ALL of Romans 8:28 is true!

So before you call the Almighty into your courtroom of inquisition demanding an explanation of His dealings with man. Ponder your inability to keep up with car keys and Isaiah 55:8-9 and then do as Job did and put your hand over your mouth.


Steve said…
Well, there is making the best of the situation. Maybe I should start giving that sermon to my customers after they lose their keys!