Have your best life now . . .

The bad news:  Every person Jesus healed eventually died a humiliating death.  No matter the pleasures of today, the reality of our impending tomorrow looms on the horizon like a dark cloud, never quite out of view.  We enjoy our “day in the sun” but never with a sense of finality.  How could we?  We’ve bet all our chips on this life, and no matter how high we climb the ladder, it’s slipping through our fingers like sand through an hourglass.  All the money, all the trinkets, all the cheap happiness in the world couldn’t slow it down.

The good news:  Jesus has overcome death and the world!  You will die once, but you don’t have to die forever.  Jesus ripped the sting out of deathon the cross.  He is the only human in the history of the world that did not deserve to die, and he died for you so you can have eternal life!  That’s why millions of persecuted Christians have been able to look death in the eye with joy in their hearts and say, “Bring it!”
The eternal life we’ll have with Jesus is not worthy to be compared with the vegetable existence we are now experiencing. Our best life is not now.  Our best life is to come!