Reflections on 40

Today I turn 40 and I am grateful that my Heavenly Father has willed these many days for me (Job 14:5). However, today is cause for me to pause and reflect on what I have done with those days. Scripture teaches; "to whom much was given, of him much will be required".(Luke 12:48).  I have been given much and it is not because I am any better than anyone else or more deserving it simply an act of a gracious Heavenly Father (Romans 9, 1 Corinthians 15:10). These bestowed graces are not for my enjoyment alone, though I am taught to enjoy them for they are a gift from God (Ecclesiastes), but a means by which I glorify Him, the Bestower. 

Jonathan Edwards has greatly benefited my soul in many ways but none more than his 70 Resolutions. Many of these resolutions have shaped a deeper Christ-centeredness in my thinking and  life.  Resolution #17 is my favorite and one that I am reminded of on this day; resolved, that i will live so as I shall wish I had done when I come to die.  William Borden articulated this same thought when he wrote in his journal; no reserves, no retreats, no regrets

This life is best defined by a singular number, one.  There are no do-overs or mulligans just one. My faith makes me more aware and attuned to this truth.   Therefore, it becomes my foundational cornerstone upon which this life of faith is built.   I will not stand before the Just Judge of the universe and give an account of "what might have been" but of that which was.

As I look back over 40 years of living I see many wasted moments and days.  However, congruently I see many moments and days where Christ was exalted and glorify.  I resolve, with my hero Jonathan Edwards, to pursue with vehemence Christ for there is nothing else to worthy of pursuit.  I want to spend my remaining days, whatever there number may be, with Paul in pursuit of knowing Him and the power of His resurrection.