Spiritual Warfare: A Word to those Who have Yet to Wrestle with Satan

To those who have yet to wrestle with Satan know this, that you have undertaken a task which is infinitely more difficult, namely wrestling with God. While you refuse to wrestle with Satan, you are actually wrestling with God himself.  He, who infallibly discerns and rightly estimates your conduct, says that you "resist the Holy Ghost" and "contend with your Maker"; and your own consciences will inform you that you have often "fought against God" by resisting the influence of His Word and Spirit.  Suppose then you gain the victory; suppose God gives up the contest, and say, "My Spirit shall strive with him no longer", what will you have to boast of? What cause will you have for joy?  Awful will be that day wherein God shall say, "Let him alone" (Hosea 4:17).  From that hour your condemnation will be sure, and Satan will have perfectly gained his point.  Judge then whether it be not better to contend with Satan than with God; with Satan whom you are sure to conquer, to your eternal happiness, than with him by whose avenging arm you must be crushed forever? Consider well which of the two you choose for your enemy, God or Satan.  And may God incline you to enlist under the Redeemer's banner, and in his strength to combat all the enemies of your salvation!