The What if Proposal (Part 2)

This is part 2 of the "what if proposal". Wednesday's post focused on global missions.  We showed how spending $3.854 trillion would radically effect missions.  This was on 8.4% of the $46 trillion that would be generated if all Christian's gave 10% of their income. 

Today's focus is on global development and relief.  Let me remind everyone that though we might not agree with all suggested expenditures these are just suggestions for awakening conversation.

The following numbers suggest spending $29 trillion dollars which amounts to 63% of our newly generated revenue of $46 trillion.

$2,000,000,000 - Would finance 5,000,000 grass-roots, micro-enterprise economic development projects per year in poor countries worldwide that employ revolving loan funds for needy entrepreneurs to purchase tools, materials, and equipment to start or expand micro businesses, which they pay back as their businesses grow 

500,000,000 - Would completely close the funding gap on resources needed by the current global campaign to eradicate polio worldwide.

2,000,000,000 - Would fund 1,000,000 new clean water, well-drilling projects per year in the poorest nations (25% of the world’s population drinks unsafe water), dramatically improving the health of tens if not hundreds of millions of people per year 

1,000,000,000 - Would finance 10,000 comprehensive faith-based programs of AIDS/HIV prevention, education, and medication in sub-Saharan Africa 

3,900,000,000 - Would provide full resources needed for a global campaign to prevent and treat malaria worldwide 

2,000,000,000 -Would supply 1 heifer or 4 hogs (as needed and appropriate) to 4,000,000 needy Christian or other families worldwide per year

4,550,000,000 - Would provide food, clothing, and shelter to all 6,500,000 current refugees in all of Africa, Asia, and the Middle East 

9,000,000 - Would finance the organizational infrastructure of a major Christian think-tank and advocacy organization working on creative means to reduce poverty and hunger worldwide 

480,000,000 - Would quadruple the current annual operating budget of Habitat for Humanity 

1,600,000,000 - Would double the current annual operating budget of World Vision, which serves 100 million people in 96 nations

 200,000,000 - Would boost funding to Christian organizations worldwide that provide free and subsidized eye exams, vision care, glasses, limb braces, and prosthetics to 1,000,000 of the poorest and neediest people of the world 

10,000,000,000 - Would sponsor 20 million needy children worldwide through Christian organizations providing them food, education, and healthcare 

810,000,000 - Would quadruple all resources currently being spent by all Christians globally on medial missions work