What if Proposal (Part 3)

This is part 3 of the "what if proposal". Friday's post focused on global development and relief. We showed how spending $29 trillion would radically global development and relief. This was on 63% of the $46 trillion that would be generated if all Christian's gave 10% of their income.                                                                     
Let me remind everyone that though we might not agree with all suggested expenditures these are just suggestions for awakening conversation. 

The following numbers suggest spending $8.253 trillion dollars which amounts to 18% of our newly generated revenue of $46 trillion.

U.S. Christian Ministry and Church Finance 

$750,000,000 - Would hire 10,700 new Christian youth ministers to evangelize, disciple, guide, and counsel U.S. teenagers

$750,000,000 - Would raise the salaries of 50,000 of the most needy U.S. church pastors by an average of 15,000 each, to provide for proven needs and to increase incentives encouraging the best and brightest young adults to consider callings to ministry.

$75,000,000 - Would fund 500 new Christian Prison ministry organizations providing evangelism, discipleship, and education to prison inmates 

$10,000,000 - Would translate into English 200 per year of the best Christian articles and books by foreign language writers for publication and sale in the United States and other English-speaking nations

$1,800,000,000 - Would finance the refitting of the heating, cooling, and electrical systems of 20,000 of the most desperate and inefficient U.S. church buildings per year, including the installation (where appropriate, in 1/3rd of the cases) of new PV solar electric generating systems 

$1,100,000,000 - Would fund 5,500 new Family Counseling and Support organizations in the United States and major cities worldwide to bring affordable Christian support and counseling to families, marriages, and individuals in trouble 4,000,000,000 Hire 50,000 new, trained, church-based adult Christian educators for the re-education of U.S. Christians in theology, discipleship, and ministry

$9,000,000 - Would finance the organizational infrastructure of a major Christian think-tank working on Christian perspectives and moralities of new biotechnologies and emerging medial ethics 

$9,000,000 - Would finance the organizational infrastructure of a major Christian research and training center addressing Christian views on mass media and media production and consumption

$3,375,000,000 - Would provide the hiring of 45,000 church-based U.S. ministers to the elderly whose mission would be to provide Christian friendship, care, and support to millions of the most isolated, abandoned, disabled, and lonely aging Americans in their homes, nursing homes, or apartments

$75,000,000 - Would launch 300 cross-race immersion programs around the United States to provide Christians opportunities to live for 2 weeks in different race environments, to learn and build relationships toward more profound racial reconciliation 

U.S. Economic Stewardship & Diaconal Ministry 

$150,000,000 - Would provide financial and debt management training to 200,000 U.S. Christians per year who are deeply in debt, to help them get on solid financial ground in order to be able to make positive financial contributions in the future 

$100,000,000 - Would provide church-based jobs training and career counseling to 100,000 unemployed or welfare-dependent Americans per year

$50,000,000 - Would finance 25 new U.S. regional faith-based organizations that would provide assistance and subsidies to pay heating and utilities bills to the most needy of the poor and elderly in the United States