Step 1: Read today's verses.

Step 2: Summarize each passage in a short, concise statement.

Step 3: Use the comment section to share one passage and your summation. 

Recommendation: Consider writing your statement in your Bible beside the given text.  This practice will allow you to review your thoughts a year from now, or you can pass your Bible along to a new Christian, child, or grandchild to help them in their journey of faith. 

GENESIS 17:1-14

Because God is sovereign we must walk in obedience before Him, no matter how difficult. 

JOSHUA 18:11-28

The allotment of land given to Benjamin clearly establishes that God knows where His people need to live and what His people can accomplish. 

PSALM 23:1-6

Blessed assurance, Jesus is our Great Shepherd all the days of our lives. 


The Lord is observant.  He is beholding all things.  He has his finger on our pulse and He is sensitive to all its fluctuations.  He will come to save me when the precise moment has arrived. 

MATTHEW 9:9-17

Don't forget, Jesus came for sinners. 

ROMANS 8:1-8

God has graciously set free from sin's penalty and power all who are in Christ Jesus.