Step 1: Read today's verses.

Step 2: Summarize each passage in a short, concise statement.

Step 3: Use the comment section to share one passage and your summation. 

Recommendation: Consider writing your statement in your Bible beside the given text.  This practice will allow you to review your thoughts a year from now, or you can pass your Bible along to a new Christian, child, or grandchild to help them in their journey of faith. 

Genesis 4:1-12

God confronts our sin because greater sin crouches at our heart's door.

Joshua 5:1-12

The failure of one generation does not determine the future of the next. 

Psalm 6:1-10

We can have confidence that God has heard our prayer even though he has yet to change our circumstances. 

Isaiah 3:16-26; 4:1

Pride has a price.

Matthew 3:1-12

Genuine repentance bears real fruit

Romans 2:1-11

Don't presume upon God's grace. His judgment withheld doesn't mean judgment withdrawn.  All sin will be judged equally, for God is impartial. Trust Jesus now as your sin-bearer, or you will bear sins penalty for eternity.