10 Resons for Studying Job

Here are 10 reasons for studying the book of Job.
  1. So that people who are experiencing suffering might find light in your darkness.
  2. So that when suffering comes you will understand that it is a means by which God accomplishes His work of discipleship
  3. So that our faith will not be crushed by the design of Satan in suffering but that it will become concrete in God’s design for suffering.
  4. So that we might be able to speak as one who is wise to those who have rejected Christ due to suffering in this world.
  5. So that we might be able to speak the truth in love to those who challenge the sovereignty of God over all suffering
  6. So that we might be able to understand that Gospel seed is spread through suffering.
  7. So that we might be able to speak biblically as concerning the issue of theodicy.
  8. So that we might able to say; “Satan meant it for evil, but God meant it for good.”
  9. So that we display Christ supreme value and worth in our lives.
  10. Because Job is the chief book in all of Scripture concerning suffering.