Advent Calendar: December 14

December 14

Read: Romans 8:28–39
Thoughts for Parents:

Oh, this passage! What a glorious assurance is here for us! No matter what you are facing today, no matter how far from God’s purposes and love you believe yourself to be; you have promises here that, if you take them seriously, must transform how you face this day.

Here they are: Because of God’s great love for you everything that comes into your life today is guaranteed to be for your good and must result in the completion of God’s purpose in your life—a purpose to declare you forgiven and righteous in His sight, a purpose to transform you into His Son’s glorious bride.

God’s will for your life is absolutely certain because if He loves you and therefore is for you, the One who gave up His Son for you will most assuredly give you all things. No one can stand against us or bring any charge against us, no matter how true that charge looks on the surface! Because Jesus Christ has already done all the hard work, because He already died, was raised, and ascended in our place, for us, as our representative, we can be sure that He will continue to love us and intercede for us. Nothing in all creation—nothing in your own heart, your life, your family, your faith (or lack of it!) will ever be strong enough to separate you from God’s love for you in Christ.
Thoughts for Children:

Have you ever felt like no one was on your side? Have you ever felt like your day couldn’t get any worse, like everything in the whole world was going wrong? Have you ever felt like nobody loved you? If you have felt that way I have some exciting news for you. Our verses today take every single one of those thoughts and they turn them right around. When you feel like no one is on your side, you can remember that God says He is for us. He is on your side. When you feel like your day is awful and everything is wrong, you can remember that God promises that everything in your life works together for good, even all the bad stuff He takes and uses to make good things. When you feel like nobody loves you, or nobody should love you because you are bad, you can remember that God promises that nothing, absolutely nothing can change His great love for you. That makes me want to jump up and down and do a happy dance, what about you?