A Defense of Life for All Peoples

Tomorrow, January 22, our country will have spent 41 years condoning and promoting the greatest Holocaust in human history.  Many will celebrate tomorrow while others will mourn. Many will celebrate the right to "choose" while others will be a voice for those who have no voice in this choice.  

I will spend this week posting articles, videos, sermons, and various other forms of information that I am using in preparation for my sermon this Sunday.  I pray these various forms of communication will greatly benefit you as you prepare your heart for His Word this week. Remember, the only position worse than Pro-Choice is indifference.

Exposing the Dark Work of Abortion: This book by pastor/author John Piper is a collection of three sermons that speaks Biblically concerning abortion.  The book can be downloaded in a .pdf by clicking on the title.

A compelling 33 minute video by Ray Comfort on the subject of abortion.