The What if Proposal (Part 1)

In Passing the Plate Christian Smith and Michael Emerson conduct Christianity's largest and most intensive study on American Evangelical giving habits.  What they unearthed confirmed what has been speculated for several decades, namely that American's are not generous.  

They establish that professing Evangelical's give on average 2.5% of their income with 20% giving nothing.  In chapter two of their book they put forth an interesting proposal.  They ask; what if?  What if all professing Christians gave 10% of their after taxed income.  This, what if question, lead their research to conclude that an additional $46 trillion would be generated.  This lead them to postulate as to what these additional funds could support.  

My subsequent blogs will put forth their postulation by category.  I don't agree with all of their areas of expenditures; however this is not their intent.  This merely serves a means to open greedy, self-serving, blinded by the American dream eyes.  It is my prayer that you will be moved to consider your part and not those of others. 

Here is what $3,854,000,000 would do as it relates to global missions this is 8.4% of 46 trillion.

$330,000,000 - Would enable the sponsorship of 150,000 new indigenous missionaries and pastors in nations most closed to foreign religious workers 

$2,200,000,000 - Would triple the resources being spent by all global Christians on Bible translating, printing, and distribution to provide Bibles in the native languages of the 2,737 remaining people groups currently without Bible translations.

$350,000,000 - Would provide 50,000 needs-based scholarships of 7,000 each per year for deserving Christian seminary and Bible school students in Africa, Asia, and Latin America 

$30,000,000 - Would enable the translation, publication, and distribution of 20,000 copies of 100 new titles per year of the best English-language Christian books for reading in Asia, Africa, and Latin America in four different languages (Spanish, Portugese, Chinese, Japanese).

$120,000,000 - Would enable the Hiring of 1,500 new Christian ministers to work in hospitality, evangelism, and discipleship with foreign students studying in U.S. universities 

$9,000,000 - Would finance the organizational infrastructure of a major Christian research and advocacy organization fighting against contemporary economic and sexual slavery worldwide

$75,000,000 - Would provide funds to help build, expand, or upgrade 75,000 church and ministry buildings in Africa, Asia, and Latin America 

$9,000,000 - Would finance the organizational infrastructure of a major Christian research and advocacy organization fighting for religious freedoms worldwide 

$95,000,000 - Would finance 350 new Christian radio stations broadcasting Christian programming into the least evangelized regions of the world

$50,000,000 - Would finance 1,000 new interreligious study groups and travel tours per year to promote grass-roots mutual understanding and communication, particularly between Christians and Muslims around the world 

$1,000,000,000 - Would quadruple the total resources being spent by all Christians globally on missions to evangelize the unevangelized world