Step 1: Read today's verses.

Step 2: Summarize each passage in a short, concise statement.

Step 3: Use the comment section to share one passage and your summation. 

Recommendation: Consider writing your statement in your Bible beside the given text.  This practice will allow you to review your thoughts a year from now, or you can pass your Bible along to a new Christian, child, or grandchild to help them in their journey of faith.

Genesis 9:18-29 and Genesis 10:1-5

The flood wiped out unrepentant sinners, but it did not wipe out sin.

Joshua 11:1-23

Some trust in horses and chariots; our trust is in the name of the Lord our God. 

Psalm 17:1-15

Whether you are falsely accused or have fallen and recovered, you can walk with your head up.

Isaiah 10:5-19

The Sovereign God of the universe will use evil (Assyriaians) to discipline His children.

Matthew 6:16-24

Hold tightly what is eternal; hold losely what is temporal.

Romans 4:16-25

Faith works with grace, but faith only works because of grace.