Step 1: Read today's verses.

Step 2: Summarize each passage in a short, concise statement.

Step 3: Use the comment section to share one passage and your summation. 

Recommendation: Consider writing your statement in your Bible beside the given text.  This practice will allow you to review your thoughts a year from now, or you can pass your Bible along to a new Christian, child, or grandchild to help them in their journey of faith. 

Genesis 10:21-32

All nations come from one blood, having one need, and one way of salvation.

Genesis 11:1-9

"Let us" is the language of rebellion. 

Joshua 11:8-33

Psalm 18:16-29

Delighting in God is an expression of your relationship with Him. 

Isaiah 11:1-12:16

Thy kingdom come.

Matthew 7:1-12

The Golden Rule for treating others. 

Romans 5:12-21

You don't need to apply any spiritual cosmetics to make yourself presentable to God.