Step 1: Read today's verses.

Step 2: Summarize each passage in a short, concise statement.

Step 3: Use the comment section to share one passage and your summation. 

Recommendation: Consider writing your statement in your Bible beside the given text.  This practice will allow you to review your thoughts a year from now, or you can pass your Bible along to a new Christian, child, or grandchild to help them in their journey of faith.

Genesis 6:1-22

God saves people by grace and sustains His plan by grace. 

Joshua 8:30-35

Remember, our main focus is to keep our main focus our main focus.

Psalm 10:1-18

The enemy will lose some of the battles, but guaranteed to lose the war. 

Isaiah 7:1-12 

Faith is encouraged and strengthen by difficulties. 

Matthew 5:13-20

You are saved to make a difference. 

Romans 3:9-20

No one is good, no one!